Join us at our weekly open studio, each with its own theme, using a variety of art making mediums and techniques like mending, stitching, paint, collage, found objects, 2d and 3d, weaving, and nature to explore what is immediate for you in the moment. Direct link to registration

Making art together can support us to move through life’s challenges, helping us to grieve our losses, mitigate feelings of isolation and loneliness and reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

Experience the benefits of creative expression in a supportive group environment. Everyone is welcome. No experience is needed at all.

We will have a variety of art supplies available to freely use and you are invited to bring some items of your own. Here are some ideas:

  • Projects for stitching like embroidery, knitting, crochet, sewing.
  • Stained clothes, damaged clothes, clothes that don’t fit but you can’t throw away because there is something special about them for mending.
  • Items from a loved one; pictures, pillowcases, their projects, clothes, blankets, curtains, quilts, embroidery, etc. to create something new with.

The sessions will be facilitated by two art therapy practicum students who both have a love for the therapeutic, meditative, healing, and self-expressive attributes of creating together.

Register for as many sessions as you would like to attend.

No Charge (donations accepted), COVID-19 safety protocols in affect, registration is required. Direct link to registration

If you have any questions, please contact us.